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TerraVent's Core Applications:

When hydrogen burns, it generates energy in the form of heat, with water as a by-product. That means energy created from hydrogen generates no atmosphere-warming carbon dioxide, making it one of many potential energy sources that could help reduce carbon emissions and slow global warming.

Many current and developing hydrogen production technologies require the addition of heat to drive reactions. TerraVent believes several of the thermally driven processes may be enhanced by the use of Electromagnetic (EM) heating over extant heat sources. EM heating, driven by renewable power sources, provides a safe, controllable, and sustainable heat source to generate hydrogen in economically significant volumes with no GHG emissions.

TerraVent Hydrogen Production Cost as Low as $0.86 per Kg

(Based on Analysis by Argonne National Labs)

86 cents Hydrogen.png
Hydrogen Breakdown.jpg


TerraVent Environmental is seeking to dramatically improve the environmental footprint of Energy and Oil and Gas industries. Our technology allows extraction with 50-85% less Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, 30% less habitat loss, at reduced costs with ZERO fresh water consumption.  The ESEIEH process, when used in conjunction with a renewable power source can eliminate GHG emissions entirely.

The reductions in environmental impact will allow producers of heavy oil and bitumen to surpass all proposed environmental regulations, reduce the effects of carbon taxes, and retain higher margins on their products as they provide the feedstocks for innovative materials necessary for green energy production and distribution.

TerraVent ESEIEH Graph_edited.jpg


Our suite of patented technologies has a wide range of applications to other industries including mining and environmental remediation In industrial applications, environmental impacts can be reduced, along with minimizing production costs.

HeatWave(R) Full Antenna Field Propagation Simulation : 800 KHz

CEMRS™ modeling and reservoir analysis package available.

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