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TerraVent's Core Technology:

75 active patents, trade secrets, and physical assets across North America.



TerraVent’s patented Heatwave® system deliver efficient heating for clean energy processes and legacy systems, upgrading for cleaner more efficient heating, improving energy economics and reducing GHG emissions in current applications.

Heatwave® system was developed over a period of 10 years under the umbrella of L3Harris. First deployed in the Mine Face Test (MFT) and a subsequent pilot in Dover Canada supported by Canadian Energy Industry and Government
Continued Development for new applications of the heatwave platform are ongoing in bioleaching, gasification, Hydrogen Production, hydrocarbon transport and much more . 

Need efficient heating for your system? Let us know!


The HeatWave® thermal tool for direct heating of underground reservoirs using Electromagnetic (EM) energy. Heatwave® energy efficiency allows for the ability to be powered by renewable resources.

By electrifying heating, TerraVent’s Heatwave® technology has the potential to eliminate Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.

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Safe & Stable

The ESEIEH® (pronounced "Easy") process “Effective Solvent Extraction Incorporating Electromagnetic Heating.” Using direct EM heating and natural solvents allows for increased production, decreased costs, and significantly lower environmental impact. Co-Developed by the Canadian Energy and USA Defense Industries for low API gravity 8-12 Reservoirs, the ESEIEH® process allows for co-function application on existing processes or direct turnover from current in-situ processes.


Functional Design

CEMRS™ modeling package: a proprietary, field validated, modeling and simulation tool which predicts the performance of TerraVent’s HeatWave® system and ESEIEH® process in heavy oil and oil sands reservoirs. CEMRS™ couples an industry-standard reservoir model with a physics-based electromagnetic model.

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